Прочитайте текст і оберіть правильні відповіді на питання:

Every day I get up at 7 and quickly jump out of bed, which I hate with all my heart, since I am definitely not an early riser. As my house is situated close to the University, it takes me only 10 minutes to get there. That’s why I am lucky to get up a little later than most of my friends, who live far. After having a shower, I get dressed and have my breakfast. I am in the habit of having only a light breakfast of a cup of tea or coffee and a sandwich.

Every day my classes start at eight and are over at half past three and on certain days even later. It depends on the timetable and additional lessons in some subjects. On some days, lessons flash by very quickly, but they are dragging more slowly when we have to write tests. In general, I enjoy my studying time because it is instructive and interesting, and besides I can meet friends there and chat with them during the breaks, which is fun.

After classes I go home and have dinner and a short rest for about an hour or so. In the afternoons I am usually busy doing my homework. I either go to the University library to find some required materials in different subjects or stay at home and use Internet or my parents’ library. My homework usually takes me the rest of the day. When evening comes and if I have some free time left, which happens very seldom, I go for a walk or meet my friends. Occasionally, I go to the theatre at the weekend as a rule. I’m a great theatre-lover. But I am not fond of watching television. I rarely sit in front of the TV.

Eight o’clock is supper time in our family and we all get together in the kitchen. That is the only time when we can see each other and talk about different things. At ten o’clock I have a cup of tea with my elder sister and we talk in private. I go to bed at 11 o’clock. Before falling asleep I read a book or listen to music.