Прочитайте текст і оберіть правильні відповіді на питання

Traffic moves along on the streets and highways. There are rules that drivers must follow to make the traffic flow smoothly.

You must wear a seatbelt. The seatbelt helps to keep you safe. You must stop at all stop signs. You must also stop at a red light. A green light means go, and a yellow light means to be careful. If you see a sign that says school crossing, you have to be careful because you are near a school, and children might be crossing the street.

Some places are crosswalks. Those are places where people cross the street. People who are walking have the right of way. If you hear a siren behind you, you must pull over. An emergency vehicle like a police car or an ambulance may need to get somewhere fast. When a school bus puts on its flashing signals, you have to stop. You can’t go past the school bus because children may be crossing the street from the bus. You should always obey the speed limit. It is not good to drive too fast.

Driving is a serious business. You have to obey all the rules to be a good driver.