Прослухайте та перекладіть усно

Прослухайте англійською та зробіть усний переклад:

Write this sentence. Let me write a note to John. Let’s write a letter to John. Let him write an article. Let them write a dictation.

Your coat is red, mine is brown. My gloves are old, yours are new. His brother is a student, hers is a driver.

Our children are at home, theirs are at school. Their dog is wicked, ours is kind.

He is looking at Mary. He always looks at her. Pete is looking for his pen under the desk. He often looks for his pens under the desk. Look at her. Look at Pete.

Listen to my new poem. Listen to me attentively. Let’s listen to Pete’s new poem. We like to listen to his poems. We listen to Pete’s poems every day. We are listening to him.

Pete is here. He is waiting for you. He often waits for you here. Wait for me! Let’s wait for Pete. Let them wait for us.