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My name is Joanne. I will graduate from the University soon. Today I am one the best students on my course and I have already received some propositions to work after the University. But I would like to tell you a story how I worked hard when I was a schoolgirl.

When I was a school-leaver, my working day usually started like this. It may sound very unusual, but I often got up as early as five o’clock in the morning. I found it more convenient to do my homework at that time. Early morning was the most effective time for me. I could memorize things more quickly and easily than in the evening when I was usually exhausted after seven or eight lessons at school. Doing my homework in the morning usually took me about three hours. I had only half an hour to get myself ready and leave home. Luckily the lessons started at 8.30 instead of 8 as they do in most schools. Some days at school were more difficult, some were easier but every day they required concentration and attention. Most difficult for me were the lessons in Geography and Astronomy. Though I was fairly good at them, I found them somewhat boring.

Normally school lasted till three o’clock. We had a long lunch break, but I never went to the school canteen. I got used to eating nothing till afternoon. Sometimes I stayed at school after classes either to play volleyball or to do some crafts. Our school president’s administration arranged several kinds of extra-class activities like concerts, debate clubs, sports competitions and picnics. Frankly speaking I wasn’t their active participant. I mainly did such things as painting and decorating.

Frequently I was back home later than five o’clock. I had dinner, took my dog for a walk and then sat down to doing my homework, learning languages in priority. After that I either watched TV, if there was something interesting on, or later in the evening did a bit of painting which is a sort of a hobby for me. It helped me to relax and at the same time to develop my artistic skill and imagination. I went to bed at ten or even earlier than that as I usually got up early.

My mother and my grandmother tried to protect me from spending my precious time on anything else but learning. That’s why there were not many household chores that I did in my final year at school. And when I passed my final exams successfully, I was very thankful to my mother and my grandmother for their help and understanding. Working hard was the right thing to do.