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It doesn’t really matter whether your house is large or small, whether it is of a modern or old design. It always remains the place you are most concerned about. I am sure that it’s not the size of the place where you live that matters but the way you feel about it. And if everything is all right in your house then it becomes the place you want to stay at as long as possible and where you always want to return to.

I quite agree with the proverb «East or West home is best». When I travel on long distances it’s always a great joy and pleasure for me to be back home again. When my curiosity for new places and sights is satisfied, I turn my thoughts towards home. So, besides the delight of travelling, I have the warmest feeling of returning home.

And now a few words about what my home is like. I must admit that our housing conditions are poor by all standards. It is a two-room flat, but it’s not much larger than a one-room flat, because the rooms are not separate and small. We feel the shortage of space especially when all of my family get together in the evening, when my father returns from work, and my brother and I are back from school. It’s in the evening when everybody needs a rest and a kind of privacy after a busy day, we start solving the problem of dividing our tiny flat into small private areas.

My father feels tired after a hard day’s work and he wants to have a rest in peace. His usual way of relaxing is watching TV. My mother has to do a lot of housework like cooking and washing. The children, my brother who is seven and my sister who is four, get most restless and active just at the time I have to do my homework. Finally, I find a shelter in the kitchen, the quietest, the warmest and most comfortable place in our flat. It is comparatively large and looks like a typical modern kitchen you can see in many other homes.

I think we’ve got all the modern conveniences and facilities of a modern city resident. There is a minimum of furniture we need, a rug on the floor and some pictures on the walls. I can’t describe my room as I haven’t got one for myself.

Despite the advantages of living in the city centre, I think our flat has more disadvantages. I mean its very limited space, bad layout of the whole flat, and practically a very small hall. Of course, we are looking forward to improving our housing conditions and moving into a larger flat or a house. But for the time being these are only sweet dreams. My father promises they will one day become a reality.