Прочитайте текст і оберіть правильні відповіді на питання

I am leaving school this year and I realize that the time to choose my future profession has come. It’s probably one of the most important decisions I have to make, since leaving school is a far more serious examination of my abilities and character than I have ever had.

It’s quite natural that before you take the final decision on what you want to do in future, you must consider the possibilities you have and your fitness for this or that job. Some pupils choose their future professions under the influence of their parents or friends, whose advice they find helpful and valuable. In my opinion the final choice should depend on what you are interested in. For me an interesting and creative job is the most important thing. I want to enjoy my work and get satisfaction from it. And if it is well-paid at the same time, it looks most desirable and attractive.

Once you have finally made your choice, you should think of what you must do to achieve your goal. Of course, school tries to provide pupils with this or that practical skill. Some schools give a vocational training in certain practical jobs, like computer operating, sewing, typing, etc. But I’m sure that college or university education is most essential for making a good career in future.

I made my choice many years ago when I was still at primary school. Since then, I’ve been dreaming of becoming an English language teacher.

For many years at school English has been my favourite subject. But I want to build my future career in this area not because of that. I have always realized the importance of foreign languages in modem world. Firstly, it is essential for the development of international contacts in the sphere of political, social, business and cultural relations. Secondly, it offers good job opportunities, and it enables you to find work almost anywhere in the world. It’s natural that so much attention is paid to teaching foreign languages at school and at present foreign language teachers are in great demand today. Now my greatest desire is to enter the linguistic university, learn several languages and make a practical use of them in my future job.