Прочитайте текст і оберіть правильні відповіді на питання

The English say: «He who knows how to work, knows how to rest». The question is whether the proverb is always true. There are people who are good at work, but not very inventive about their rest and recreation. Though with some people it may be just the opposite. In my view rest and recreation are as important as work.

Actually, I am a home-sitter. I enjoy quiet hours at home more than weekends in the traditional sense like going away and enjoying the countryside.

My weekend started on Saturday afternoon only, and Sunday wasn’t all free either, since I had to do a lot at my new job. I spent half the day reading numerous pages of news to prepare the week report for our new website. So, Saturday afternoon was really the best time for rest and entertainment. I usually finished my work at half past eleven and was always happy to get home earlier than usual and sit peacefully in front of the TV or with a book on the sofa. I enjoyed my Saturday evenings most of all. I never knew about boredom even when I spent the evening on my own listening to music or watching a film. Often my girlfriend came over and we had great fun together. Yet once or twice a month, especially in winter, we went to the theatre or to a party. In spring and in autumn, when the weather was nice, my girlfriend and I just strolled along the streets and talked about all kinds of things: music, books, films, our future prospects.

Sunday was the only day when I could sleep later than usual which was a well-deserved reward for the six days of hard work and early rising. It was the only day, when I could take my time over various things not rushing anywhere and not being in a hurry. Honestly, I hardly did any work about the house. But on Sunday I sometimes did a few things like cleaning my room, placing books on the shelves, which were piled up in different places.

An ideal weekend for most young people is going for a picnic somewhere in the country or in the forest with your friends, sitting around the fire and singing songs. That’s the kind of weekend we used to have in spring when we were students. I don’t mean to say that I have never enjoyed weekends like these. But I think I would very soon get bored of them. In future when I have more time and, hopefully, more money, then I’ll have other preferences and choices of rest and relaxation.